Which Cuny for math?

  1. I am looking for a math department that offers industry career oriented, applied math and statistics. I want a solid background in case I need graduate school. I am looking to transfer, in case that makes a difference. Thanks.

    How much does undergrad degree matter for getting in to a decent master's program?

    And how important is an REU?
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  3. Hunter (as told to me by a friend doing applied math in the CUNY system), though courses at the other CUNYs will probably transfer, so look at some of the Baruch courses too, as the schools are relatively close to each other.

    You need one, and it often needs to be in a related subject. Where you do your undergrad sort of matters (the school needs a reputation of sorts), but it's not massively important.

    It's just one of the easiest ways to get solid research at a school with a decent program in your field. The research is what matters most.
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