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Which degree should i go for

  1. Jan 28, 2013 #1
    I am an high school student starting grade 11 this year . I have been intrested in physics since class 6 and i have been studying advanced physics since then . IN grade 9 and 10 i have read and solved problems from Resnick,halliday and walker's book ( which i think is a undergrad book isnt it? ) and i completed it .
    I thought myself calculus( integration , differentiation and solving differential equations and nothing more) , trigonometry , higher algebra and geometry side by side with physics .

    i love physics and math and have a deep interest in them . My grasp of physics and math concepts is very good.

    My parents insist me to become an engineer as it would land me a higher paying job .
    I want to be a mathematical physicist which my parents think isnt a good field and i wont get a good job and would end up a teacher.

    what should i do should i go for engineering or mathematical physics. say the pros and cons of each field.

    If i decide to go for mathematical physics should i go for APPLIED MATHEMATICS or PHYSICS major or should i major in both or should i take a major and a minor.

    please help
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    Engineering is definitely a good discipline to enter. Right now, petroleum engineers are garnering big salaries.

    You are still pretty young and have about 2 to 3 three years to decide on what you want to do. so don't be hasty.

    Another area that may interest you is Computer Science. Its a constantly changing field and always needs talented people. If you were to combine your skills together to do computational physics or computational engineering then that would be very valuable.

    Also robotics are starting to take hold in industry so knowledge of mechatronics as an engineer is good as well.

    Beware of splitting your degree across two majors such as Biology and Engineering as a BME. What happens is that unless a company is looking explicitly for a BME then they consider you half an engineer or half a biologist and so will look to others with more traditional degrees.

    There will be a lot of time in college to select the best path so keep thinking about it and dont be afraid explore other areas before you decide on one.
  4. Jan 31, 2013 #3
    It is a saying that If you are interested in Physics and Calculus and have a capacity to do overloaded works then go for Engineering
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