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Which door to go through!

  1. Jan 21, 2013 #1
    Little background on me first. I am a first year engineer at University of Alberta i got my electrician ticket first before going to UofA so i am 22 at this time.I am married with a son living close to campus with my brother for cheaper rent rates. I am currently sitting on a 3.4 gpa and i am looking to increase that to 3.6 by the end of second semester.

    Now i consider myself having 2 options,

    First, is to continue into electrical engineering here since i have lots of job prospects due to previous electrical experience and the strength of the economy in the area. To be honest the work and schooling does interest me.

    Second, is to do what i would really rather do and what i feel i have a strong passion for. I would like to go into Aerospace engineering but this choice is much more complicated. I have several questions about the field and schooling.
    -How hard is it to get into UofT aerospace from UofA after the common first year? Is it possible for me to get accepted?
    -From what i've seen UofT has excellent ratings as a Engineering school can anyone give some perspective on the quality of degree compared to other schools, or compared to the UofA?
    -What is the cost of living for a 2 bedroom within reasonable bus/LRT distance from UofT?I am looking to work the summers in Edmonton as electrician and take student loans out during the year... should this be enough to cover costs to live in Toronto?
    - After completion how difficult is it to find a job in the Aerospace industry from what Ive seen aerospace is struggling and my Dad (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer) says its a bad industry for work.
    - Where is the most common places for work in the industry? Ive read that it can be difficult to get work in the states without citizenship?

    Side notes: I would rather not get a Bsc in mechanical engineering first then a masters in aerospace due to the fact that i dont want to be stuck with a mechanical engineering degree and not be able to go into aerospace for whatever reason. I would rather have a electrical engineering degree than a mechanical engineering degree.
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    Alright under further research it looks like the first year engineering program and the first year engineering sciences are not the same and i cannot apply into engineering sciences. Can anyone confirm this?
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