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Which EE Courses to Take

  1. Jun 8, 2013 #1
    Hi all,

    I will be a freshman in college starting this fall at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and am majoring in EE with a concentration in RF circuits and microwaves along with a possible double major in Physics with a concentration in Electromagnetism. I am looking to work with EM after I graduate or with wireless communications or accelerator physics. I am looking into courses and have already selected the courses for my first semester and am on the quarter system at my school. I was wondering what other jobs/fields of engineering would make use of the RF circuits and microwaves/electromagnetism. The relevant EE courses I plan to take are
    -ECE 2010 Intro to Electrical and Computer Engineering
    -ECE 2019 Sensors, Circuits, and Systems
    -ECE 2112 Electromagnetic Fields
    -ECE 2201 Microelectronic Circuits I
    -ECE 3204 Microelectronic Circuits II
    -ECE 3113 Intro to RF Circuit and Design
    -ECE 2305 Intro to Communications and Networks
    -ECE 2312 Discrete Time Signal and System Analysis
    -ECE 3311 Principles of Communication Systems
    -ECE 3308 Intro to Wireless Networks
    Possibly an Intro to Digital Circuit Design, Analog Integrated Circuit Design, or Semiconductor Devices but was unsure there.
    Also i plan to take a grad courses in Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Engineering and a physics course in Advanced EM Theory. If anyone has any recommendations of what courses I should take or which to choose it would be appreciated and what level of math I should take up to and was planning on up to vector and tensor calc.


    Edit: I was also wondering if any power engineering courses would be helpful in those fields.
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