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Which engg is best EE or EC

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    I am bit confused with choosing an appropiate engg branch as there is no provision to change from one branch to another after joining
    Electrical & Electronics (EE) & Electronics & Communication (EC), which is more interesting anyone please help me in choosing one.
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    It depends on the course structure followed in your institution. For the first three years--assuming this is a 4 year bachelor's program in engineering--you do electrical science, control systems, and other important courses. In the fourth year or end of third year, you can chose to do more communications-related courses in EC or electrical-engineering courses (advanced control systems, microelectronics, digital signal processing, power systems, electromagnetics, microwaves/antennas, radar systems, instrumentation).

    In India, for example, most students opt for Computer Science cold (if they can) and then for anything else, the preference order being EC and then EE for some weird reason (perhaps companies in the telecom arena prefer or consider EC people as they can be directly moulded to suit their workforce as opposed to EE people who have a wider course experience usually and hence might not be willing to work on software per se). I am told that EC has a higher rate of occupancy as does CSE and so a socially higher prestige value.

    As your decision hinges on these options, you should get hold of the ENTIRE course list for both these programmes and then decide what you want to do. Mind you, academically, both branches (and ALL branches) are good...so you should ask yourself which one YOU want to chose rather than which is the better one :-).

    Which college is this?
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    Thanks for your helpfull advice.I am not yet placed to any college.I want to know whether electronics topics are there in EE branch,also can i migrate to electronics field after completing EE cource.
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    Oh yes, a major part of EE is electronics. In fact, the courses I named there have practical labs where you have to do simulation and circuit work. There are theory courses too, for instance an image processing course will use various transforms and mathematical techniques to show how information is stored, processed and recovered in images.

    Per se, there is no 'electronics field'. If you were talking about a job, then indeed most EE people go into electronics-related areas other than software.
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    thanks for your valuable advice
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    Most welcome :smile: but I am just an undergraduate so I would say keep posting on these forums as there are many experienced people who can give some nice advice.

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