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Which engineering stream is best?

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    I am going to pursue Engineering at graduation level. But I'm confused about which type of engineering is best. I have three options:

    1) BioTechnology
    2) Instrumentation and control
    3) Information Technology

    All are equally intresting to me. Please help me decide which one has the best future prospects and which one will be in demand 4-5 years from now? Which one should I choose? :confused:
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    What do you like most about each?
    What do you like least about each?
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    1)I like BioTech becaude it teaches you How to manipulate with building blocks of life i.e. DNA. More Imp It will possibly teach me basics of cloning. ah!!! Also Biotech is now at a position where IT was in mid 90's.
    2)I like Instrumentation & Control coz it includes Robotics & AI (my fav subject) and also teaches BioMedical (fastest growing stream)
    3)I like Information Technology coz all the current hype is associated with it. Moreover, it would teach me Information security(most promising).


    1)BioTechnology would require cramming up all the scientific names of creatures, plant names, cell components & the stuff like that which I hate.
    2)Instrumentation & Control will require me to work in factories/labs reading all those dumb process signals & recording them
    3)IT: as you all know current downfall is troubling its future prospects.
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