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Which Field is more Active?

  1. Sep 6, 2015 #1
    Pretty soon in the winter quarter I'll have the chance to take an undergrad course on either Solid State physics or Nuclear physics. Both fields are of interest to me. I'd like to choose the one that has more research currently being done on it though. So that if I end up still liking it I can have a lot of opportunities to enter a grad school that is researching the field and knowing a bit more on the subject than maybe a few other students can give me an edge. The more opportunities the better.

    Thanks to anyone for a reply.
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    Vanadium 50

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    Solid state is larger. Whether that makes it more acrive or not is hard to say.
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    Thanks. It was my gut feeling that this field had "more to it." It is a hard thing to gauge though. I couldnt find statistics about amount of research being done on particular fields.
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    I think Vanadium is correct in saying S.S aka condensed matter is larger. I've been told silicon (semiconductor) is the most studied material ever. Most grad schools also have a nuclear research area however. Maybe fewer people want to research nuclear so you increase your worth value if you want to study this area. On the other hand, Maybe when more people are in the area, there are more opportunities. Hard to say what to do.
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