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Which graduate field for fusion research?

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    Which graduate field would be best if you want to help out in determining a way to harness fusion power at a net result and such? I was told plasma physics would be a good field if i wanna go into that sort of research.
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    The name of the field which studies applications of fusion is nuclear engineering.
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    It seems I chose the correct major, then. However, do not define a certain major as being associated with fusion research. Electrical and civil engineers as well as physicists are needed to contine to progress in this field, it is a group effort of many science and engineering fields.

    I also will not limit myself, I plan to study a little about plasma physics even though my major at this college does not require it for a bachelor's degree in nuclear engineering. Does anyone have any advise as to where one can get a good education in fusion, I am willing to go abroad if that is what is required.
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    Princeton has a Plasma Physics Institute - http://www.pppl.gov/

    UCSD also has a program and General Atomics is nearby - http://www-ferp.ucsd.edu/ , http://aries.ucsd.edu/FERP/ [Broken]

    Fusion energy generation requires the combined effort of physics and engineers. In the engineering area, fusion is one aspect of nuclear engineering. However, fusion power plants, as any power plant, requires an interdisciplinary approach involving electrical engineers (power conversion and system control), mechanical engineering, and materials science and engineering.
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