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Which ∆H should I be using in my chemical equation? In my potential energy diagram?

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    I did 5 labs where I burned certain things and found the temp. diff. in the calorimeter. That said, I calculated the ∆H for the entire system, the ∆H per gram of system substance, and the ∆H per mol of system substance.

    Im wondering which ∆H I should be putting into my chemical equation for the reaction, as well the ∆H I should be putting into my potential energy diagram? I have a feeling its the ∆H per mole but, I'd like a second opinion. Thanks,
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    You should do it on a per mole basis.
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    Most likely you want to use the mols of the substance in your equations. Write out a proper unit formula and you can see for sure whether you need the mols or grams based on what cancels and what you end up with.
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