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Homework Help: Which Has Greater Momentum?

  1. Nov 27, 2008 #1
    Which Has Greater Momentum???


    The only formulas that were provided were

    1. I =Δp
    2. mΔv
    3. I=FΔt
    4. KE= 1/2 mv^2
    5. PE= mgΔh
    6. ΔPE= ΔKE
    7. W= F*D
    8. W= ΔKE

    Momentum Before Collision = Momentum After Collision

    9. m`av`a + m`bv`b = m`av`a + m`bv`b Elastic Collision
    10. m`av`a + m`bv`b = m`av`b(v) inelastic collision

    The little apostrophe are for subscripts, e.g. m`a, meaning "m" is normal, but the a is a subscript.

    1. Which has greater momentum: a 145 g baseball traveling 40.0 m/s or a 45 g golf ball traveling at 67 m/s? How much greater?

    2. A metal sphere has a mass of 80 g rolls along a frictionless surface ar 20 m/s and strikes a stationary sphere having a mass of 200 g. The first sphere stops completely. At what speed does the 2nd sphere move away from the point of impact?

    Please can someone explain to me step by step ho to solve this, because our teacher just gave the class this assignment randomly and it is a test grade.
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    Re: Which Has Greater Momentum???

    1) the momentum formula is #2 where p = mv ; mass is in kilograms. convert the masses to kilograms and solve for each individual momentum.

    2) A conservation of momentum equation is required.

    Momentum Before Collision = Momentum After Collision as you stated.
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