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Which has more entropy?

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    A universe where all matter and energy is equally distributed, or a universe where all matter and energy is in 1 spot(Universe = black hole)?
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    a black has maximun entropy and the big bang where everything is equally apart has the lowest entropy possible
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    D H

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    Think of the air in a room with no interior walls in the room. Which condition has greater entropy: (a) all of the air in compressed into a small portion of the room, the remaining portion being vacuum, or (b) the air uniformly distributed throughout the room. The answer is (b), not (a). The room with the air uniformly distributed is in a much more random state than is the room with the air concentrated in a small subvolume.
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    but a black hole is different; if u could then u could just throw the air in the black hole and reduce the amount of entropy in the universe. and in order for entropy to increase, the big bang where everything is uniform must have the lowest entropy
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    That means energy has to be provided for the formation of Black Hole? Am I correct? I sense some mistake.
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    What do you mean by providing energy?
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    Oh sorry.
    I mean if a change has to occur on a system where the entropy decreases, then some external energy has to be provided. similarly some energy has to be provided for the formationof blackhole since the entropy increases due to the formation of a black hole.
    I assume that you understand my doubt. I don't know to make much more clearer than this.
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