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Which HPLC column to choose

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    first off all, I know this isn´t the best forum for my questions about HPLC columns, but unfortunately on other forums either people don´t answer or don´t know what they are talking about.
    So here my question:
    I have to separate enantiomer proteins with HPLC columns. I read it is import which filter paper I used before so I´ll post it,too: Whatman filter paper grade 43
    So far so good.
    my problem now is that I need contaminations about nearly zero percent. Therefore I´m using at the moment a HPLC column of Chiral. but all the time I get peaks that shouldn´t be there. Would it be better to change the manufacturer to Waters or Agilent?
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    I´m working in a labor for now 5 years among others with HPLC columns. In my opinion Whatman filter paper grade 43 should be fine, cause it´s a quantitative filter paper. I think for separating enantiomer proteins chiral HPLC columns are the best choice, though chiral columns of Waters or Agilent would have less contamination, too. Did you regard that one enantiomer protein always gives two peaks in a chiral HPLC column and one in a “normal” one?
    Perhaps you should write a little bit more about your experiment.
    For comparing HPLC columns I´ll also send you a link with a HPLC column configurator:
    Hope it will be helpfull, good luck:smile:
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    Visit the link given below. I am sure you will get the answer for all your hplc related questions.

    hplc used
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