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Which is better,NUS or NTHU?[ ]

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    Which is better,NUS or NTHU?[urgent]

    I am going to study physics degree and i plan to study phD or master in astrophysics in phD or master in future.However,i am struggling choosing National Tsinghua University(taiwan) or (NUS)National University of Singapore.I think i may learn more in National tsinghua university since they have astronomy research department but NUS have much frontier ranking(20,Nthu only 196).Therefore i would like to know which university can let me to stand a better chance when applying astrophysics phD or master of U.S university in future,and i need to make a decision before 26th of july.
    ps:I learnt science in english,took exam in english,but teacher used chinese when teaching in secondary school.
    Thank you
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    Re: Which is better,NUS or NTHU?[urgent]

    I would select NUS for various reasons:

    1. Education would be in English, yes it does make a difference if your undergrad study is in English as it ensures a smoother transition to grad study since you will be more familiar with the terms and so. Also this is good for employment in case you decide to get a job

    2. Singapore has a very good research funding and from time to time new research groups/institutes are established, and there is the well established A* institute.

    3. On a bachelor level, you won't be having many courses on astrophysics, hence its easy to catch with those few courses even if they are not offered in the worse case.

    4. NUS has many international partners, meaning you can go to one of the partner universities for a semester or two , which allows you to have more courses on astrophysics. See:
    http://www.nus.edu.sg/iro/partners/ [Broken]

    5. Consider the possibility that you may not want to continue with grad study
    (i.e. get a job) or you may not like astrophysics, NUS reputation and various research fields focus pay off.
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    Re: Which is better,NUS or NTHU?[urgent]

    thanks for your opinions,=)
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