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Which is better? Self tutor or coach tutor?

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    A lot of times, when I am stuck on a problem, I have two options, either get help or try to figure out by myself. It is very rare that I can't figure it out. But the thing is, sometimes, a 5 min. prob takes 1.5 hours. What I was wodering is that is it one of those things it will take time in the beginning but save time in the long run since my skill of comprehension, etc. will improve so much or you think I will better off just seeking help. I believe that just like always, the answer is in the blend, that I should try for half an hour and if I can't figure it out, save it to ask the teacher.

    However, this brought up a new question. A lot of times, I don't get questions but I am poor so I can't afford a tutor, hence I try to do it by myself, it was hard at the beginning, but isnt hard anymore. In the past though, I did used to have a tutor and whenever I would even have a slightest doubt, I would just ask. Do you think that hinders my own ability to handle questions? If it does, do you think it is right to have a personal tutor?(I mean if you redarded, you gotta have one or if you are studying really advance but for just normal class I am talking about) What do you think? Self tutor or coach tutor?
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