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Which is better?

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    Which is better???

    Which branch of electrical engineering is better:
    1. Power
    2. Telecomm.
    3. Electronics ???
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    Re: Which is better???

    If it has to be a matter of choice, I'd pick Electronics.

    Would you rather drive a Ferrari or a 40 ton truck? :)

    Electronics is the closest thing to being able to work magic, but you might like the idea of huge transformers and motors. You used all capital letters in your nickname, M.ILLUMINATI, so maybe you do like the big stuff.

    Try to get as wide an education as you can, though, as the jobs available do not always fall into neat categories.
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    Re: Which is better???

    My dear, first of all, guessing others personality with mere writing style is a dumb thing. Secondly, I am a lover of pure sciences, ok!

    Third and most important of all is that all my well-wishers told me to do Electrical Engineering (Telecomm.) because it has the most job market around the world and it offers you a lot of choices. try to understand it by an example of a super market and a deserted shop.

    Anyways, I first want to do Electrical Telecomm. and then COMPUTATIONAL NANOTECHNOLOGY. What should I select then: Telecomm. or Electronics???
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    Re: Which is better???

    "Nobody except you can make those sorts of choices."
    What do you mean by the above statement Mr.?

    Well, I believe this place is for people who take things serioulsy. NOT for "JOKERS"

    You call it career guidance, I call it LIFE
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    Re: Which is better???

    The categories you list are a big broad, so it's hard to give a helpful answer. Telecom/Communications would be a good specialty, IMO. It is very interesting, challenging, and growing as a field.

    Power electronics may grow in the future, with alternative energy fields opening up. The whole "Smart Grid" idea can lead to a large growth in power electronics infrastructure.

    The term "Electronics" should be defiined a bit further please -- what kinds of things would you classify under this category?
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    Re: Which is better???

    Electronics: Nanotechnology majorly.
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    Re: Which is better???

    Nanotechnology certainly seems interesting. But is there really much EE in it? I thought it was more Mechanical Engineering and Material Science oriented? I could be wrong.
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    Re: Which is better???

    It is also studied under both you mentioned. But superconducting nano-devices are studied under electrical engineering.
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