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Which is difficult to study?

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    Hello Im going to take my group in my college im having physics,biology and also chemistry i want to know which one is easy to study, In general i want to know normally on which subject people will have trouble in studying Physics or chemistry.
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    Here in Virginia during the previous generation, high school biology was first offered in 10th grade, chemistry in 11th grade, and physics in 12th grade. Since then there was a movement (by physicists) to offer physics before 10th grade.

    Consider reflecting on your previous experiences, likes and abilities in these subjects.

    (Organic chemistry and physical chemistry are reputed to be two of the most difficult classes in undergraduate university.)
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    i actually found organic easy to understand hard to memorize all the equations needed for test. concepts were easy but the sheer amount of reactions needed to know for synthesis was the killer. my hardest class would have to be cell biology

    so physics would be harder for some to visualize in my point of view
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