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Homework Help: Which is greater?

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    Which, if either, is greater: the gravitational force of the sun on the Earth, or the Earth on the sun? How should I be looking at this question i.e in terms of the radius of each object through the equation F=GM1M2/r^2 ?
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    They're the same, i.e. wherever there is an action there is an equal and opposite reaction. You should look at the symmetry of F=GM1M2/r^2.

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    So it's the same because the G is constant or because the r^2 is the same for bothe planets?
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    Newtons third law, F=-F.
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    right, and if we were to calculate the the gravitational force exerted on the Earth by the sun we would use F=GMm/r^2.
    If so I know G is constant, but what values do we substitute for the masses M and m? mass of earth and sun?

    and if we were to find the gravitational force exerted on the sun by the Earth, how do the values change?
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    Yes, use GMm/r^2. For M you use the suns mass, and for m use the earths mass. r^2 is the distance sun-earth. The gravitational force exerted on the earth by the sun, is eqvivalent whit the force the earth exerts on the sun.
    Let`s say F, is the force from sun to earth. Then -F is the force from earth to sun.
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