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Which is more important to you?

Which is more important in today's times?

Poll closed Sep 23, 2004.
  1. A TOE

  2. Quantum Theory of Gravity

  3. neither

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  1. Sep 13, 2004 #1
    To expound upon marlon's poll.
    Please explain if you select neither.
    Paden Roder
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2004
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  3. Sep 13, 2004 #2
    We can argue that a quantum theory of gravity must include the other interactions, due to the energy scales at which respective interactions occur. Yet I feel it is more important to have a coherent model, than to stick to our philosophical conception that the Nature is One.
  4. Sep 13, 2004 #3
    Good point.

    Paden Roder
  5. Sep 19, 2004 #4
    I think it'll be possible to have a TOE that's coherent.
  6. Sep 19, 2004 #5
    Welcome pat !

    I also have the same conviction. Yet, this is philosophical and we must be aware of it. See also
    [thread=42996]this[/thread] poll.
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