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Which is most important to you? Family, Lover, or Friends?

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    Which is most important to you? Family, Lover, or Friends?
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    There is something "forced" what comes to family ... from this sort of a perspective, so the most precious of friends.
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    i picked lover, cause i'm always more comfortable around guys i'm seeing. for some reason, around friends, i always act a little differently than would be entirely comfortable, because i'm afraid of scaring them off. if its a romantic thing though, i can be myself... i'm just not as worried i guess.

    Oh, and i think i actually would've chosen family, cause i really really value a good family... however, my family isn't very fond of me... but i think once i'm married and with children, there would be nothing more important to me.
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    I say lover is most important because, as Gale said, they're easier to be around. Friends are for doing stuff, so unless something is happening, friends really aren't that fun to be with. Lovers are for loving, so you can have fun with them regardless of what you're doing. Family relations are just forced; I don't even like the majority of my family.
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    My online friends :D.
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    Online friends lol. Personally I am a real jackass and family/friends are not important to me at all. Right now, since I am single, I wonder why :smile:, the most important person is me :biggrin: If I was with someone then she would definitely be the most important.
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    Darn, I sort of had to pick "friends" by default. I'm not close to my family, and don't currently have a lover (I'm still taking applications), so friends are the only ones left.
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    My kids right now are the most important and they are my best friends. I don't have a lover either, it's been so long, I don't remember what that was like.
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    Why's that funny? :frown:
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