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Which is the best ELECTRONICS book for solved problems?

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    Can anyone recommend an introductory electronics book in which there are a number of solved problems? I really need practice on circuit analysis before a TEST or EXAM so that when I see new questions FOR THE FIRST time, I don't struggle understanding what is going on.

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    Tom Mattson

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    Check the following titles of Schaum's Outlines:

    Basic Electrical Engineering
    Basic Circuit Analysis
    Electric Circuits
    Electronic Devices and Circuits

    I have them all, and they are chock full of worked examples.
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    These are the topics we will be covering...I need a book with WORKED examples of these..are they covered in the Schaum' s books?

    transfer functions
    the p-n junction and the diode effect
    p-n diodes, photodiodes, zener diodes
    circuit applications of diodes
    bipolar junction transistors
    the common emitter, common collector, common base configurations
    transistors as switches
    transistor amplifier circuits
    a look at FETs and MOSFETs
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    Tom Mattson

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    The last two titles I gave have all of that (when combined). The first two titles would be a little redundant, but that just means you have more solved problems to look at.

    In all Schaum's outlines, there are many fully solved problems, and then many more supplementary problems that have answers only (no solutions). But yes, you can find many worked examples in these, and they're not too expensive (average about $15 each).
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    Iam very sorry to say tht you are wasting away your time in solving problems rathe than concentrating on the literature.If you have any plans to prsue research as your career,take this one..... "Microelectronic circuits" by Sedra/Smith.There is no two away in this.
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    Schaum's Outline are always good...
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