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Programs Which is the best MSc programme (Condensed Matter Physics)?

  1. Oct 15, 2016 #1
    I'm a Physics student ending the bachelor degree in Physics. I'm strongly interested in Condensed Matter Physics (both theoretical and experimental), especially the quantum mechanical aspects that are linked to this field of studies.

    I'm trying to choose where to study for a MSc in Physics (with a strong focus on Condensed Matter). I premit the following things: preferably I would like to stay in Europe for the MSc and, even more preferably, I would like to enroll in a programme of 120 ECTS (since in my country, Italy, MSc have that weight in terms of credit points). And of course I need a MSc programme in English.

    That said, I found the following programmes that look focused on Condensed Matter
    1. Copenhagen University, MSc Physics - Track Quantum Physics
    2. Heidelberg University, MSc Physics
    3. Ludwig Maximillian University Munich, MSc Physics
    4. Imperial College London, MSc Physics with Extended Research
    5. ETH MSc Physics (this one has no 120 ECTS but only 90 ECTS)
    Here are my opinions:

    1. and 2. have lots of courses that focus on Condensed Matter and Quantum Mechanics, so probably, from the point of view of the programme structure, these two are my favourite ones.

    3., 4. and 5. are very well seen as probably the most reputed university in Physics in all Europe. Nevertheless, while 5. has different courses in Condensed Matter (but the number of credit is not the one I wanted), especially for 3. and 4, I do not see a very wide choice of courses in the field of Condensed Matter. Am I wrong here? Do these universities (3. and 4.) have strong offers in Condensed Matter (for the MSc degree)?

    If what I said is someway true, nevertheless 3. and 4. offer maybe better opportunities in terms of PhD because of their reputation, since it would be easier to enroll in a PhD programme there (or in another prestigious university) if MSc was obtained in 3. or 4. or 5. instead of 1. and 2. I guess.

    So which programme should I choose? Are 1. and 2.really more focused on Condensed Matter for the MSc than 3. and 4. as it looks like from the websites?

    And finally: are there other university (preferably with the criteria above) that offer MSc focused in Condensed Matter Physics?

    Suggestion of any kind on the topic are very appreciated
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