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Which Is The Better End Goal?

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    My ultimate goal is to eventually start my own web design business, which I kind of have right now, in the sense that I've already done work for a few different clients, but it's nothing concrete. I'm going back to school in the spring to work on getting an associates degree in web design. However, is it better if I strive to get a bachelors degree in web design, especially if I plan on running my own web design business down the road, or will an associates suffice?
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    I'd say neither if all you plan to do is website design. I don't think people care if you have a degree in website design (are you serious, they actually have degrees in this now?). People will want to see how good you are and then shop around based on price. Have you researched how many people do website design and can't make a living doing it? Sorry if I sound negative, but I know lots of people that went belly up, there is just too much competition.

    When I used to advise small business start ups as part of my job, the first question was "who will be your competition and why would someone do business with you instead of them?". Most could not answer the question.

    I would suggest perhaps another major, so you have something to fall back on, just in case.
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    Yes, but it encompasses programming, and the basics of software design too.

    I know of someone who started up one and is now making a ton of money off of it. Like six figures a year. I'm not saying that will happen to everyone who starts up one, but if the potential clients like my work, they'll want to hire me.
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    The field of web design is very competitive. In web design it not the degree that matters, it's personal experience. If you want to get into that industry you need a complete portfolio of websites you have done. These include personal websites and non-paid sites. If you have any knowlege of HTML/javascript/php or anything else you should be looking for website gigs. having that experience goes alot further than just having a degree. I think for web design a degree in graphic design would also be useful.
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