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Homework Help: Which is the superior science?

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    I'm planning on studying one other science this year in addition to physics to try out for my high school science clubs. I'm deciding between Astronomy and Earth Science; what do you think is more worthwhile to study (in regards to usefulness(if any), etc.)? I've been leaning more towards Earth Science since it's more down to earth, (haha) but in all seriousness, the choice I make will be pretty important as it will decide which junior college course I will take. Any advice/suggestions?
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    I can't imagine why you would think that any science is more "worth while" than any other. In order to "rank" things you need to have some method of comparing. How are you comparing sciences?
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    I have the impression that astronomy is all about star-gazing, which gets really boring after a while. Though not exactly a science in the layman's sense, I'll pick math. You'll need it if you decide to do any engineering major, physics or computer science.
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