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Which is unhealty? beer or softdrinks?

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    i want to know if there are health benefits in drinking beer, and which is better, in terms of nutrients, health or maybe even in the religious part. what i mean in the religious part is that most good Christians i know dont sell beer because they say its against the bible but they would rather sell softdrinks instead. any ideas on this?
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    Both are carbonated, which indicates a significant amount of carbonic acid, which is pretty unhealthy. I'm pretty sure we all know that soft drinks are bad for you, but some studies show that beer can provide many of the same health benefits of wine (in moderation, of course). It can increase cardiac health, reduce the risks of a stroke, and some say the alcohol can increase the amounts of HDL in the blood and reduce arterial blockages. Soft drinks offer none of these effects. Here's some more information:

    http://www.allaboutbeer.com/features/233beer&health.html [Broken]
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