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Which is your favorite singer?

  1. Aug 20, 2012 #1
    Hello Friends,

    1. Michael Jackson

    2. Amr Diab

    3. Freddie Mercury

    4. Tamer Hosny

    5. Tose Proeski

    6. Lady Gaga.

    All these singer are my favourite. They have good vocal range.But if i have to choose ,it is Lady Gaga for me. Do you like these singer?
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    I can't believe you put lady gaga in the same list as the legendary Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson. I haven't heard any of Tose's work but I like all the other singers except for Lady gaga - she is a zero talent freak show IMO. My favorite is easily Freddie Mercury and, not on the list, Robert Plant.
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    George Jones

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    Burton Cummings (The Guess and solo); Roy Orbison (solo and The Traveling Wilburys); Bing Crosby.
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    Yep Freddie Mercury and (not in the list) Bono.
  6. Aug 20, 2012 #5
    Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin.
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    Freddie Mercury without a doubt.
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    Yes. I was lucky enough to see Cummings solo on a swing through Canada, and he was all I remembered him to be from Canada's greatest group. What a voice!

    Canada foisted Neil Young on us, so let's call it a wash. :devil:
  11. Aug 20, 2012 #10
    Bob Dylan, Robert Plant, Bert Jansch, Warren Haynes...

    If I'm limited to the list then Freddie Mercury.
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    Ronnie Spector

    Respectfully submitted,
  13. Aug 21, 2012 #12
    Annie Haslam

    Take away the theatrics and Lady Gaga is dead-in-the-water boring NOT a singer.
  14. Aug 21, 2012 #13


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    Nana Mouskouri - quite popular at one time
    Dennis Rousseau - tenor
    Stevie Nicks - great
    Pat Benetar - a rocker
    Celine Dion - can carry atune just by her voiceJanice Joplin - can't sing worth sh..
    Blondie - a first female punker
    Elvis - the King
    etc in the thousands
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    Stephin Merritt

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    Matt Monro. Among those listed, Freddie by a light year.
  17. Aug 22, 2012 #16


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    Yep. Among the listed, Freddie is the king. Lots of folks have heard Bohemian Rhapsody or other hits, but there are so many "keepers" in Queen's catalog... I am more a fan of Brian May, but that's just me.
  18. Aug 22, 2012 #17


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    nat king cole and his song mona lisa
  19. Aug 22, 2012 #18
    How can Prince not be mentioned yet....All round genius.
  20. Aug 22, 2012 #19
    I find girl singers to be better

    Diana Krall

    and Meatloaf

    so many great singers out there, these are the top ones. I don't listen to Meatloaf or Diana Krall but both are very good singers imo.

    oh and Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)
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  21. Aug 22, 2012 #20
    I don't know, Bobby Darin, Stephen Merritt, Cristy Moore... Loads
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