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Which linux?

  1. Feb 4, 2004 #1
    ok, you have finally done it dduardo. By using evil subtle tactics you have convinced a diehard windows user to try out linux. Congratulations you manipulative penguin My question is, what linux should I get if I just want to play around with it and try it out? I don't want to pay for anything, I'm cheap:wink:
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    You should probably start with a run from CD distro like Knoppix. That way you don't have to wipe everything out to try it.
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    wow, that was insanely fast! That response was under 5 minutes!!!.
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    could I get a link with that?
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    http://www.knoppix.org/ seems like an obvious place to start.
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    Did I mention I'm extremely lazy? Thanks for the link.
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    I'm downloading it now, any other suggestions?
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    DarkAnt, come to the dark side. Muahaha

    Here is the super lazy link:

    http://www.linuxiso.org/download.php/327/KNOPPIX_V3.3-2003-11-19-EN.iso [Broken]

    Just download, burn, and boot from the cd

    Don't be suprised if it is slow. The whole distro runs from the cd and RAM.

    I believe you can install knoppix to your harddrive, but i would wait until you see how you like the feel of linux.

    Other good newbie distros:


    More advanced distros:


    [edit] I see that you just started to download it. O well. One thing I would say to do now is learn some console commands like:

    ls - list directory
    cd - change directory
    man - manual
    chmod - change mode (permissions)
    pico, nano, joe - text editors (you can also try vi or vim, but they might scare you)
    mkdir - make directory
    rm - remove file
    ln - link

    There are many more, just do a google search for bash commands
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    The linux is taking over

    actually I'm still waiting for that download to finish. The link you gave me said this

    I went to www.linuxiso.org,[/URL] I'm guessing this is where I was supposed to go. Thanks for everything dduardo and NateTg:smile:
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    I have redhat 9 - but I rarely use it. Mostly just for the proggraming tools and GIMP on its native platform. The problem is that it isn't compatible with my windoze modem, and I havn't been able to get it to work with my USB drive, or my network, or my 20GB shared fat32 partition

    However, if these worked, I would use linux ALOT more. I specially like KDE. nice screensavers/features.
  12. Feb 4, 2004 #11
    I just double clicked on the knoppix file and Roxio Easy CD creator came up and came up with the window to start burning. So i grabbed a cd and burned it figuring it had automatically set up all the boot disk stuff for me. well.... it didn't. So I guess I have to do it manually. Well, another problem arose. When I go to create a boot disk I am given the option of creating a floppy disk emulation (1.44MB), floppy disk emulation (2.88MB), hard disk emulation and no emulation. I don't know which one to pick, could someone please tell an extremely ignorant wannabe darksider which one I am supposed to use?
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    1. Put the knoppix cd into your cdrom drive.
    2. Reboot your computer and go into the bios
    3. Change the order of how your system boots, make sure the cdrom is the first item in the list
    4. Save your bios settings and reboot
    5. Let knoppix run
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    Windows Modem:

    Make sure you have USB support in the kernel. You can get the kernel sources from either your redhat 9 cd or from kernel.org

    Again, you need to make sure your kernel supports windows networking. You can also try creating a samba server

    Make sure you kernel supports mounting windows 32 partitions. It should already with redhat. Then do the following
    mkdir /mnt/c_drive
    mount -t vfat /dev/hda(x) /mnt/c_drive

    where x is the partition number of you windows installation
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    I got it to work... up until I pressed space bar to skip the resolution thing and then it had a whole bunch of errors unpacking it
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    What resolution thing? Why did you press the space bar to skip it?
  17. Feb 4, 2004 #16
    I'm just that type of idiot.

    I tried it again and set the resolution and the same thing happend. Basically I got this output.

    Accessing KNOPPIX CDROM at /dev/scd0
    Setting paths... cloop: error -3 uncompressing block 12457 6553610/30116/028511 B21-285 741937

    I doubt the last part means anything to you. btw, thanks a ton for trying to get this to work for me dduardo.
  18. Feb 4, 2004 #17


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    Where ever you got the iso image from, get the accompanying md5 checksum from their site

    Then get this program

    http://winmd5sum.solidblue.biz/ [Broken]

    and generate a md5 checksum for the iso file on your computer.

    If the two numbers don't match you need to redownload the iso image.

    By doing this before you burn the cd, you make sure you have a good copy that hasn't been corrupted by the download.
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  19. Feb 4, 2004 #18
    Well, thats the problem. The numbers don't match so I guess my download was corrupted. I'll try again. Thank you sooooooo much dduardo.
  20. Feb 5, 2004 #19
    you could also check http://www.linuxant.com

    that's strange, mine worked in just 3 commands. What USB drive do you have?

    I just can't believe this...........

    and to the sarter of the thread:
    I use Mandrake 8.2 (yes, it's a bit old) but I like it ...
  21. Feb 5, 2004 #20
    well I tried out knoppix. It was ok, definately not mindblowing, but interesting. I think I might look into some more.

    Which one would you suggest I get and why should get it over the others?

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