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Which major shall I choose?

  1. May 15, 2014 #1
    Hi, I'm currently double majoring in physics/biology.
    I'm interested in developing nano/biomedical sensors, data visualization, mems etc. anything along this line.
    And I was wondering what major I should pursue for grad school if I want to make the most out of my undergrad majors while doing the research I want.
    I've looked at mechanical engineering, applied physics, biomedical engineering but I'm not sure what to decide on because the labs I looked in are all dispersed around these fields.
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    I think you'd best be served by Biomedical Engineering:


    but you should be aware that it is a more recent major and that companies interested in engineers will choose ME or EE engineers over BME engineers thinking you're half engineer and half biologist. Similarly form companies interested in biology majors.

    Do some research at your school asking profs and job placement people about the prospects of majoring in BME.

    The alternative would be to major as an ME or EE and to augment your education with many courses in biology so that you can market yourself as an engineer with a minor in biology. That would allow you to be looked at by engineering firms and companies interested specifically in BME too.
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