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Which math classes to take?

  1. Sep 4, 2011 #1
    If I take 2 more classes I'll have a my minor in mathematics. Im curious about which ones would be most beneficial to me….Probability Theory, Number Theory, Complex Analysis…other?
    Any suggestions?

    (Physics Major)
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    Probability is my suggestion as it has a lot of practical use and offers some insight in how to think about various problems under uncertainty.

    Complex analysis might be good though for physics as something that complements.

    I'm biased though since I have a major in statistics ;)
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    That's my thought, I want to take a number theory course for no other reason than interest, but I don't want to overload myself and considering the expense of school I think it would be wiser to take classes that directly assist my major.

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    complex analysis is very useful especially in E&M, Optics, Electronics, and anything to do with waveforms
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    If you are interested in something, you should take the course.

    I have taken a course in cryptography that uses a lot of number theory and I enjoyed it. I probably won't look for a career in that particular area, but I do appreciate the understanding I got from doing that course.

    As an aside, sometimes it can be good to take a course that breaks the ice with respect to the other subjects. It can be like a distraction subject so that you don't burn out by taking a course load that is only focused on a few things.
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