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Which Math Sequence to Follow?

  1. Jul 19, 2009 #1
    Ok so I'm thoroughly confused about whether I need to take college algebra after looking at a PROSPECTIVE schools science/engineering departments recommended math sequence. This school recommends a sequence that goes from intermediate algebra---->geometry---->trig---->calc but they make no mention of college algebra except that it's required for business majors.

    My CURRENT school recommends both college algebra and trig to continue into calculus. So if I do decide to stay at my current school, which class would I be better suited to take first college algebra or trig? OR does it matter?

    I realize each school has it's own way of establishing pre-reqs but would I be in a better position to go to this other school and avoid college algebra by going straight into trig--->pre calculus---->calculus? Or is college algebra going to be instrumental in helping me succeed in upper level math?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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    Essentially, Intermediate Algebra and Trigonometry are needed. More is better, but those two are what you most need.
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    Great thank you for clearing that up!
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    Sorry I forgot to ask one more question. I wanted to know how much of Trig deals with Algebra? I realize it comes into play with functions, but how about anywhere else? I'm concerned because I took intermediate algebra about a year ago and am not completely confident I remember all the concepts. Do you think I should take college algebra for a confidence boost? Or is this class something unrelated that is not really going to prep me for trig, in which case I can just go back and study intermediate concepts that lead into trig more.
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