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Which maths to choose?

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    Hi. I am doing a combined commerce (fiancne)/Engineering (Chemical and Process) degree and as part of the course requirements on the commerce side of my degree i need to choose a maths unit. There are restrictions on what i can do, so there arent too many i can choose from. I basically just want to choose whatever will be most useful to a chemical engineer.


    I guess this would be an interesting unit, but i cant see it being relevent to my intended career path.

    I dont know if this kinda thing is actually useful to a practicing engineer, but i know it goes really well with some of the other units i will be taking (http://units.handbooks.uwa.edu.au/units/chpr/chpr3433"), i think.

    http://www.maths.uwa.edu.au/Units/stat3361-s1-2008-crawley/view" [Broken]
    I guess statistics and random processes apply to everything. This is also a recommended (although not required) unit to another unit i will be taking, "Applied probability in commerce and finance". I also have interest in this unit, which is making this a very tempting choice.

    I guess it could be interesting, but i cant see it being very applicable to what i plan on doing.


    I think this would be the most applicable to engineering since it takes statistics and puts it in the context of industry and quality control.

    So they are the units i can choose from. I think i will choose either of the statistics units or the control theory unit, but any input at all will be great :)

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    Either one with statistics is a good choice I'd say. Statistics is a good thing to know, even if only a little bit.
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    Thanks for the reply. Ive pretty much decided it will be one of the statistics units, but not sure which one yet. Its still a few years away so theres no rush for me to decide, but i just wanted to get my study plan all done :smile:
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