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Which mechanical set?

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    Hey everyone.:biggrin: I used to play with lego mindstorms (the older version) as a kid. I want to get back into that kind of thing and I was wondering if there was anything like that except more adult. I don't like the new lego mindstorms or meccano, since you put two peices together and you've done.

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    How adult?
    vex kits used to be (maybe still are) US first as starter/protyping kits.

    sparkfun has all sorts of kits for all types of projects.

    Make magazine has a slew of DIY projects, usually made up of readily available items.
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    Well I don't want anything which is required to have much knowledge of how to build motors and similar items. I want something where you have a set, build something, deconstruct it, and build something else and you can buy more parts to build better things.

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