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Which Michio Book to Start Out With?

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    I am very new to the world of physics. And have recently become more and more interested in it as I have seen the tv appearances of Dr. Michio Kaku. Well, I was wondering, which one of his books will teach you a lot of not-so-advanced stuff about physics. His latest book on Einstein (Einstein's Cosmos I think it's called) sounds interesting, but too advanced. I'd like to learn just some theories (string theory?) and stuff. If you could post some of your favorite books by him, but would also be easy to read to the semi-physics illiterate person could you please post it here.

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    Given your interests I would suggest Hyperspace. It contains his own adventures with supergravity, string theory, and string field theory, with simple explanations of what goes on in them. It is simpler to understand than Greene's Elegant Universe, and might be a good preparation for reading that book, which goes into some detail about string theory.
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    Thanks, I will check that book out. To me, the concept of string theory sounds very interesting, but what do I know...
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    This isn't a Michio Kaku book, but, I also recommmend that you check out The Story of Light by Ben Bova. It's really good. It's not exactly physics, but it is about light and it gets into very interesting subjects and a lot of stuff that has to do with physics. The book is really interesting and very easy to follow. It goes into A LOT of different subjects, all of them dealing with light, and you'll learn a lot from it. Again it's really good, easy to follow, and it's also not dull.
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    I first read all of the articles on mkaku.org, which then led me to read Hyperspace ^_^

    Now I have The Elegant Universe (greene)... Einstein's Cosmos (kaku)... The Universe in a Nutshell (hawking)... Visions (kaku) ... The Illustrated Theory of Everything (hawking) .... and 2 other books, that deal with the mathematics of physics..
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    I think that Hyperspace is a great starter book if you are just now getting into the publications of Dr. Kaku. It's an easy read and will give you a grasp on many of the ground-shaking ideas of all time!

    If you are an Einstein fan - you can pick up a copy of Einsteins Cosmos which is also a good read. Lots of authors have wrote about Einstein -- but not with Kaku's flair!

    All Best & Happy Reading.
    You can always visit the http://www.mkaku.org/books [Broken] for more information on the books.

    Unless you want to spend 80 bucks on one of his textbooks. It's up to you!

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    Ok, I ordered Hyperspace today from Amazon. Thanks for the advice on which one to get. What book should I get after Hyperspace if I like it?

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    Ndogg, I'm in the process of reading my first Dr. Michio Kaku book as well. The only difference is, I chose to read the book "Visions" first; which I am reading currently. I've only read through the first chapter, but the book has me locked to it and is very interesting thus far.

    You should check it out when you get a chance. Stop by the local library before buying any of his books. I know the local library near my house carries "Hyperspace" and my university's library as all of Kaku's books (including the newest).
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    Ndogg I would read two books by Dr. Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time and The Universe In a Nutshell
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