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Which number is bigger?

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    hi...how can i tell which number is larger just from using logic?

    for example a question says "which is larger 2^1000 or 500!?" the answer is 500! and the hint is: just compare the 500 factors appearing in each expression. i don't understand the hint but more importantly, i'm just not seeing the logic part of it.

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    Are you sure you copied this right? Because 2^1000 > 1000^100 > 500.
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    that's not 500 exclamation point. it's 500 factorial. should i have used a different notation?
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    make 2^1000 into 500 factors and compare the factors is what the hint is suggesting
    2^1000=(2^2)^500. and then compare it to 500 factors of 500!
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