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Which of these universities is commendable for mech engineering postgrad studies?

  1. May 25, 2012 #1
    If possible, pls mention in order of superiority:

    Univ of California- Davis
    Univ of Colorado Boulder
    Univ f Texas- Dallas
    Univ of Illinois- Urbana Champaign
    Univ of Wisconsin Madison
    Syracuse Univ
    George Washington Univ
    Univ of Rochester
    Univ of Connecticut
    Michigan State Univ
    Rutgers Univ
    Cornell Univ
    Univof Pennsylvania
    Univ of Illinois Chicago
    Arizona State Univ
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    You could try looking up rankings for mechanical engineering graduate programs on Google. In addition to ranking, you should be looking for schools that have research projects that interest you.
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    Don't look at rankings look for projects that you find interesting. Call the school/professor and try to work out a deal with them directly. Rankings like US News are misleading.

    Off that list I can tell you:
    UIUC is very good for applied aerodynamics/aeronautics in general
    Univ of Illinois Chicago has one of the best mathematics programs
    Syracuse isnt that great for graduate work in ME
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    Thanks all :-) Its very difficult to find out which universities are better than others,especially since I live in India! Anyway, I've shortlisted 11 universities to apply to and I hope it works out....I find most people haven't even heard of Rutgers university so I'm completely leaving that out.
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