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Which one is a good school?

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    Hi, All

    My question , is :

    Is University of Waterloo, in Canada or UIUC , University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, IL USA , better for Electrical Engineering. ( In terms of ranking and value , quality of instruction etc. etc. )

    Comments, or critcisms are welcome!

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    I'm not sure about the rankings for electrical engineering at UIUC but I know for a fact they are ranked near with MIT for engineering in general. It's a very competitive school. Many of the people from my hs class would apply under a different college program (ex. UIUC's libertal arts program) then transfer later to the program of their choice.
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    I have never been to any of those schools so I compare them by the course offerings, I must say University of Waterloo has a good EE program. From what I have seen you get to do alot of electives which other schools do at the masters level.
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    MAC>UW at ElecEng hehe. If youwere going for Compsci then it would be the other way.
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    A few years ago when I was thinking about going in to EE, UIUC was ranked number two (in the US News ranking) right behing MIT, if I remember correctly. They aren't anymore, but I can only see the top three schools on their website without paying anything, so I don't know where they are right now. From what I hear, it's still one of the best programs in the country.
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    Umm, theres no need to post giberish on this forum. I dont know about the school in the states you are speaking of but if you go to U of Waterloo for EE, you will get a top notch education.


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