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Which ones are the Useless moral conventions?

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    That's pretty much the question... which social precepts/principles/rules/customs make no sense whatsoever to you, or u think are way out of date for 2003?

    Oh, the sillier, the better, thanks for your help
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    Gentleman walks on the curbside of the sidewalk beside lady.
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    praising cultural and racial diversity... makes no sense.
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    i would like to know why you feel this way...personally, any man willing to do this is a gentlemen in my opinion...

    i think celebrating christmas for religious purposes is ridiculous...expecially being that it can't be proven that Jesus Christ was born in December, but there is evidence that he was born in October from what I have heard...
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    Well there is a reason a gentleman would walk on the curbside. It was started long ago when automobiles started to emerge as a means of transportation. It is said that if a car (or carriage, possibly), were to drive by and hit a puddle of water, the man would be the one to shield most of the water from hitting the lady. It's somewhat like putting your coat down in a puddle so the lady won't have to get her feet wet, which is somewhat useless also. If the puddle is deep, when the lady steps on the coat, the coat would sink and her feet would get wet along with your coat.

    As for Christmas as a religious holiday, I agree with Kerrie. It should not be celebrated as a religious holiday. I was raised a Christian and it was always emphasized by my grandparents that we celebrate Christmas as a tradition (we do enjoy eating :D). And it does always bother me to see people with holiday tidings such as "Happy Birthday, Jesus" or lights strung on roofs saying "Jesus" or preachers saying that one should give money to Jesus because it's his birthday. "Happy Birthday, Jesus" just dosn't sound right. It sounds somewhat sac-religious to me, in a way. And I also feel bad for those born on or around Christmas. When your birthday is on Christmas, everyone forgets about yours in the holiday rush. People see Jesus' birthday (to some people) as more important than yours.

    But I digress. Back to the Christmas thing, I think that Easter should be celebrated more than Christmas. Easter is the day (or the day we've designated to celebrate) that Jesus rose from the dead. It's his ressurection that brings salvation, not his birth. That should be more important for Christians, but that's a different rant altogether. Why we celebrate a fictional rabbit bringing us colored eggs for us to find in our yard makes little sense.

    That's my two cents.
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    Why would praising racial divesity make no sense - we as humans have adapted to our environments in order to survive as a species - if we had no diversity, our species would most likely have faded long ago.

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    Useless Conventions (Democratic)

    Elections in some Western nations (eg. Australia) make no sense to me.
    For example, last time I voted in a democratic election, it was a bizarre experience. First of all, it was compulsory to vote. Then, when the votes were counted, somehow the number “55 000” was considered to be a “higher representation of democratic preferences” than the number of votes counted to be “90 000”.
    That’s the myth of democratic choice I suppose. Pre-selection by plutocracy.
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    Oh, I always walk on the outside, have been taught to when I was a child. But people no longer throw the contents of their chamberpots out of upstairs windows, which was the original reason for the custom. Let the s**t fall on the gentleman, rather than the lady.
  10. Nov 4, 2003 #9


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    The taboo against cannibalism?

    Not to say I'm asking anyone to go order up a pedestrian, but utilitarianly speaking, there is not much of a reason for banning it. Murder is another matter, though....
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    But that isn't much greater a risk than getting diseases off any other meat, right?
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    I definitely agree with you on this second point. Not only is there evidence that Jesus was born in October, but there is also evidence that he was definitely not born in December (one being that the shepherds were outside with their sheep...which they wouldn't do in the dead of Winter, even in the geographical location of Bethlehem in Judah; another being that the astrologers that were looking for him saw a phenomenon in the sky - along with certain positions of certain constellations (I don't really remember which ones) that are only that way in the September-October timeframe) - which was said to occur in October). Anyway, I'm pretty sure one could date the celebration of Christmas back to the Roman unification of Christianity and the pagan customs of old, one of which was the celebration of the Winter Solstice (or was it "Saturnalia")...on none other than December 25.
  14. Nov 5, 2003 #13
    This, too, is related to the attempted unification of Christianity with pagan customs of the Romans. The Romans used the day where you now celebrate Easter, to celebrate the goddess of fertility. The rabbit is a symbol of...*clears throat*...fertility (for obvious reasons ).
  15. Nov 5, 2003 #14
    I can't think of any out-dated customs (except, perhaps, clapping of hands in applause...I much prefer snapping fingers ), however there are a lot of things that I do that people consider outdated. For example, I pull out chairs for women at the table (unless their husband (or boyfriend, or whatever) is there with them, as I wouldn't want to humiliate/embarass him), I hold doors open, I sit up straight when I eat (without the elbows on the table, or the shoveling of food into my mouth), and I use "please" and "thank you". These, and quite a few more, are things that I was taught were polite, but which more than one person has told me were either "out-dated" or "weird".
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  16. Nov 5, 2003 #15
    Why do we teach our kids about made up "people" (Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, etc...) but expect them to believe in god?

    Mentat, who thinks "thank you" and "please" are weird? Did you grow up in NY city??:smile:
  17. Nov 5, 2003 #16
    I can agree with that. It seems absurd to me to starve oneself to death if you had access to Long Pork (providing you didn’t kill someone just to eat their flesh).

    I’d like to see it become acceptable to pass gas in public places. I can imagine a society where strangers try to outdo each other in public places, promoting a sense of good humor and cheer…If the US President were, for example, to rip one loose during a State of the Union Address it might even help relieve tension between the nations.
  18. Nov 6, 2003 #17
    What makes no sense?

    Going to church, saying "god bless America" all the time, some eating etiquette rules, the taboo on "profanity", the idea that humans are superior to other animals, the fact that almost always a guy has to ask out a woman and hardly ever does it occur the other way around, sqwaking the phrase "family values" as if every family has the same values and as an excuse for bigotry, a fondness for tradition,...
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    How about the use of god in 'secular' situations

    Specifically on currency, other government documents, and in public school.
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    I think it's because I used them every time I asked for something, while they were all (somehow) comfortable just saying "Would you grab me a drink while you're up there?".
  21. Nov 6, 2003 #20
    Unless they had to clear the room completely, and send in the poison experts, because he happened to let out a true SBD!
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