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Which option is correct

  1. Aug 12, 2014 #1
    which option is correct
    My Question is: The Blasius Equation, http://postimg.org/image/svgz5fpin is a

    A) Second Order Nonlinear Ordinary differential equation
    B) Third Order Nonlinear Ordinary differential equation
    C) Third Order linear Ordinary differential equation
    D) Mixed Order Nonlinear Ordinary differential Equation.
    Explain Briefly with your answer.
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    i Definitely know that There is no such thing as a mixed order DE.
    but i am asking in out of three options, which is the correct option for my question.
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    There's basically just 2 concepts being asked. First, the order of a differential equation. And second whether a differential equation is linear or non-linear. Do you know what these concepts are, and how they are defined?
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    It's a little bit hard to read your image but I think that first derivative is third order. So what are your ideas on this? Do you know what the order of a differential equation is? Do you know how to determine whether a differential equation is linear or not?

    (It is possible for a partial differential equation to be of "mixed order" but not an ordinary differential equation.)
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