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Which path should I choose?

  1. nuclear physicist

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  2. theoretical physicist

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  1. Aug 25, 2009 #1
    which path should I choose??

    what career should I choose? a theoretical physicist or a nuclear physicist? I want one that pays good, but mainly which one would be more exciting, I like both of them very much, I wouldn't mind either, just the one that pays a good salary, and is the most exciting. Thanks!:biggrin:
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    Re: which path should I choose??

    If you are all so interested in money, open a business or go to law school. Few physicists get rich.
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    Re: which path should I choose??

    lol, I think perhaps you should decide via a more personal method. Talk to your professors/academic advisers about what career you might want to pursue. And depending on what level of education your at, there might be quite a bit of time to decide.

    Also nuclear physics can be theoretical physicists, so they are not mutually exclusive...

    As for getting more money, my high school physics teacher got a masters in nuclear physics and became a nuclear engineer for a while before she became a teacher and probably made more money that way than, say, going into a PhD program and getting a grad student salary :P
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    Re: which path should I choose??

    Are you sure you know what a physicist truly does? You are asking the wrong question. You will need to choose a particular branch of physics (nuclear, condensed matter, particle, etc). A separate issue is whether you wish to pursue theoretical or experimental research.
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