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Which problem book?

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    Im currently 16, and just about to go into 6th form. Ive been reading up alot into maths quite a bit beyond my current level and have used up all the problems at the back of the books i have currently.

    I was thinking I could get a problem book that had enough problems to keep me going for 2 or 3 years hopefully, from my current level (read up most of pre-uni maths, but self taught here so missing sections), up to some problems beyond school level because in a year or 2 i will have started reading beyond school level maths.

    The only book i found when i scoured the web was the one with the IMO problems but Im guessing they would be too hard???

    what do you think? Any books to suggest?

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    This isn't a pure problem book but its one I love and recommend to lots of people at about your level. Its called 'Guide to Mathematical Methods' by Gilbert and Jordan and its meant as a transition from A-level to university. A lot of it is revision but its presented very well and it should give you a fairly deep understanding of most of the foundations of maths. It has plenty of exercises in that should keep you going for a while.
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    thnx buddy :D

    ill make sure to get it :)
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