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Which PVC to choose for polymer nanocomposite?

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    Which PVC to choose for polymer nanocomposite?


    I’m a final year Mehcanical engineering student. For my individual project, I have to fabricate PVC based nanocomposite using nanosilica. I haven’t been provided with any PVC as such and I need to decide which PVC to use. And then ofcourse I need to find out the compnies providing the PVC that I’m interested in.
    So for those people who know about polymer nanocomposites or PVC nanocomposites, do you have any suggestions for which PVC to go for? I’ve come across different grades of PVC in the journal articles like:
    PVC Neralit K=65
    PVC K=66 (molecular weight 50,500)
    PVC S60 (molecular weight 50,000)
    PVC SH 7020 (K=70)
    PVC WS-800.
    Some of the things I considered important in deciding which PVC to gor for are ease of processing (low molecular weight), ease of miscibility with nanofiller etc. The propblem is that these thigns are hard to google or find in jounral articles (since PVC isn't much researched as yet) and I don;t know much about these different grades myself.

    Also, do chemical companies provide PVC with plasticizer added as well or do they simply provide PVC and I’ll have to buy and add the plasticizer myself (which looking at the journals looks quite a daunting task)?
    Which are some of the good UK based companies providing PVC?.

    Thanks in advance,
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