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Which research areas for a PhD in Physics may lead to good positions in the Industry R&D?

  1. Mar 18, 2015 #1
    Which research areas for a PhD in Physics may lead to good positions in the Industry's R&D? Please, excuse my English and thank you for any suggestion.
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    Just my opinion, I think Quantum Physics (I am thinking of optics) may have a lot of potential.
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    The most accurate advice you could get would be by means of contacting the R&D departments of the kind of industries that interest you.
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    Among other things, semiconductors, lasers, optical design, fiber sensor.
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    Condensed matter, some areas of high energy and superconductivity, and a few quantum mechanical areas are most relevant to what companies care about.
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    Thanks guys for your suggestions. They are well noted and appreciated. I am sorry for my belated reply due to the jet lag. I made my post just before going to bed and I am in GMT +9h.
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    General data science skills are also in high demand. Computational astrophysics or biophysics may not sound very relevant to industry, but you learn how to manage and analyze large data sets in both fields and this can be put to good use working for a place like Facebook or on Wall Street.
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    Thank you Arsenic&Lace and to all the others.
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    No problem, hope it helps! Out of curiosity, what are you doing right now? An undergraduate student?
  11. Mar 18, 2015 #10
    Yes it helps Niflheim, thank you. Im an unrolled MSc in Physics holder specialised in Solid State-NMR. I also have ezpereince in data processing and modeling. I am looking for a PhD in Physics in a promising area.
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    *ezpereince=experience. Oups!
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    I do not know if it is the right place to say it but I would like to say that I am desperatly looking for a PhD position in experimental physics. I am from Africa and currently in South-Korea where I got my MSc in Physics 2 years ago. However here the system is not suitable for me (among many reasons: the lack of funding or financial support from Professors and mostly the communication problem between colleague students shy to speak in English and my low Korea level). I hope some members of this forum from some research groups having an open position may help me out here.
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