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Which school is better in a long run?

  1. Feb 11, 2007 #1
    I have applied 13 schools but I have the following "primary" target: PhD in Financial Maths at CMU, MS in Financial Maths at NYU and UChicago, Rutgers.

    These are some pros and cons about them.
    CMU is the only school that has large faculties in Financial Maths. But I applied only to their PhD only. As many people would know, it is not easy to seek a position with a PhD degree. And it will take at least 4 years to complete its programme.

    NYU lies at the heart of stock market. If I can take this advantage, I will be able to gain valuable experience at earlier stage of my career. Moreover, I love living in city like that. However, it is the most expensive school out of 4. (3 semesters)

    Chicago ranks the highest in Maths among all schools I have applied. Its cost is not much behind NYU. (3 semesters)

    Rutgers is the cheapest among 4 schools and needs only 2 semesters to complete a degree (I think). It is also not too far from NYC. However, it ranks a lot lower than NYU and Chicago.

    Money is a problem but I am willing to get loan if the degree is worth that much. Assume I get accepted by everyone of them, then the most important factor is that if I can find a good position which can pay my loan, and feed my family after I graduate. What do you think?

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