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Which software for math major?

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    Hey All,
    Is there a software package that shows a step by step how it solved a problem? I've looked into Maple, and I think that Maple does this, but not sure.

    I'm looking for software that will help me learn calculus, analysis, linear and abstract algebra.

    Also, does anyone know about the add-on packages for maple Student edition? From what I need to learn from above, do I need to get the engineering package? Mostly I'm wondering if I can do all the maths with just the basic edition, and if so, what's different between the standard and add-on packages, like the engineering bundle?

    Also, can these software packages do statistics?
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    There may be software that does that, but there's a free website that does it too -- Wolfram|Alpha. Here's an example of what it does with [tex]\int {{x^2}{{\sin }^3}(x)dx} [/tex]: http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=integrate+x^2+sin^3+x+dx (notice the "show steps" link in the upper-right of the first section?)

    The Wolfram|Alpha input syntax isn't real difficult to learn, but if you already have MathType, version 6.6 has a "View in Wolfram|Alpha" command that will open it up directly in W|A without you having to type anything.
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