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Which stainless steel?

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    Hello there,

    I have a supplier in Turkey making a part for me,which is a small threaded bar(30mm) with a smooth domed head(kinda like a bullet with threads up the side).I was hoping to use 330 stainless steel which is what the part is currently made from.Our supplier is finding it hard to source(in Turkey) 330ss and 310ss which I was told is a good alternative.

    The application of this screw is in a furnace.A sheet of glass is hung from these screws at various points around the glass,this glass on the screws are then lowered into a furnace until the glass becomes softened where it is then removed and moves along to the next stage where the softened glass is shaped.I think the furnace operates around the 1000 deg celcius scale.

    Can anybody recommend a type of stainless steel that might be suitable for my application or does anybody know where I could source 330ss or 310(somebody told me this was a possible alternative to 330ss) for our manufacturer in Turkey.

    NAy thoughts or ideas would be highly regarded.


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    Thank you so much NABA for the reply.Our supplier in Turkey has contacted them and are awaiting a quote back.

    Much appreciated.

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