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Which statistical technique should i use?

  1. Mar 6, 2012 #1
    Hello everyone!
    I would like to hear your advice about this:
    I am trying to get an operation rule of dam spillway outflow during flood period. As data, I have collected for each flood on different years: 1) elevations, 2) inflow (which represent flood) and 3) spillway outflow. That means, I have all the required data, but I don't know which statistical technique I should apply to get something like a rule or summary table with a representative spillway outflow value for each elevation (since the three data components - elevation, inflow and spillway - are related each other).

    I attached a Microsoft Word File, where you can see an example of my data and example of the expected results.
    I just need an idea or advice, about some statistic technique or procedure.
    I would appreciate any idea.

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