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Which substance is more acidic

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    second one has 2 ch3 attaching ti benezene at para and meta

    can u tell me how to know which one is more acidic ?thanx

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    It's been a heck of a long time since I last did this (13 years), but IIRC, the methyl group is a weak electron donor. That means the dimethylphenylcarboxylate ion will be destabilised by the two methyl groups, leading to a shift to the left in the equilibrium :

    [tex]HA \rightarrow H^+ + A^-[/tex]

    where [itex]A^-[/itex] denotes the dimethylphenylcarboxylate ion.

    This will of course, lead to a reduction in [itex][H^+][/tex], and a reduction in acidity of the dimethyl compound.

    The single methyl group would have the same effect, but less so, so it should be the more acidic of the two.
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    thanx, but how to compare the singlemuthyl one with
    bezene-cooh, which is more acidic ????? help me plz tomorow is i post report , i dunno to do.
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    sorry forgot to tell you a thin that i am 31 yrs old, and now had to toolk a course in chemistry for a job, still looking
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    Same reasoning that I posted. Every methyl group makes the compound a less strong acid.

    So in terms of decreasing acidity (in order of increasing pH in solution),

    benzoic acid > methylbenzoic acid > dimethylbenzoic acid > trimethylbenzoic acid...

    and so on.
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