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Which suitable motor

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    Hi, I was wondering if you can spare me your expertise.

    What kind of motor can I use for a spit roast project?

    upto 65kg load and about 4-6 rpm.

    Thanking you in advance.
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    Welcome to PF, Aramos.
    I'm not familiar with spits. I have a couple of propane BBQ's, but neither has a rotisserie attachment, and definitely neither has the capacity that you specify.
    Almost all 115 VAC motors run at 1,750 rpms, so it is simply a matter of gearing to get the speed that you want. They vary in torque ability, though, so you would want something more like from an electric drill than from a blow drier. Come to think of it, an electric screwdriver has even better gearing than a drill. You're looking at double or even triple sets of planetary reduction units. You could rip the lips off of a rhinoceros with one of those things.
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    jim hardy

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    A gearmotor is what youre after.
    On the cheap - if you're okay with using hand tools to make it, an automobile windshield wiper motor and bicycle chain reduction might work. A 6 amp battery charger will power it.
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