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Which summer position for my future goal of top tier grad school

  1. Feb 14, 2008 #1

    I am an undergrad second year math and CS major. I am considering different summer positions for this summer. My eventual goal is to enroll in a CS PhD program at a top tier school. I was recently offered a very well paid summer intern position (technology/CS related) at a prestigious big-name (big? huge!) NYC financial firm. Meanwhile, I am waiting for a response from several math REU programs and a NASA program. The internship at the firm pays about 3 to 5 times what the other positions do which is really nice and would help pay my tuition. But, the other positions are research positions which I guess would help me with my goal. What do you guys think? Will the position at the firm do little for my grad school application? If not necessarily, what will it do for my application compared with a math REU position? I've already done an REU last summer at an ivy. But that was in physics (before I figured out my majors) and I didn't get a peer-reviewed paper out of it. I know that if one looks at the grad student body at top tier schools, a commonality is that many accomplished to publish a peer-reviewed paper in their undergrad. So it seems important. In my current research at my home institution, my work, I expect, may culminate in a peer-reviewed paper soon, but that too would be in physics (although, from a very computational/CS perspective, having only a physics backdrop). So another question is, if I were applying to a top CS grad school, is it critical that, should I have a peer-reviewed paper, it'd be in CS?

    So I guess I got more than a couple questions here. Answer what you can and share what you may. Thanks for the help.
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