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Which text is good?

  1. Oct 7, 2007 #1
    I am planning to purchase 1 Physics book.
    Can anyone here suggest me which one of the following texts is best?

    Title: PSSC Physics, 7E
    Author: Uri Haber-Schaim
    Publisher: Kendall Hunt

    Title: Foundations of Physics
    Author: Robert Gowdy
    Publisher: Kendall Hunt

    Title: Physics - An Incremental Development
    Author: John H., Jr. Saxon
    Publisher: Saxon Publishers

    Title: College Physics
    Author: Robert W. Stanley
    Publisher: Harcourt

    If anyone knows better than above list of Physics book, please let me know.
    But please don’t kind of Halliday, Giancoli, and Serway alike. I own Giancoli’s Physics book, and I’ve read the rest of them. Just want to read the other one.

    Please advance
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