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Which theory may explain paranormal phenonmena?

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    To those who are open to PSI existing. Which theory do you believe may explain PSI (paranormal phenomena) such as telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, near-death experiences or apparitions etc?

    John Beloff a well known parapsychologist concluded that PSI occurs becuase of dualism ie the mind and brain are separate. Amit Goswami however in his book “The Self-Aware Universe”, lists some studies on quantum physics that may lead to an explanation of psi that agrees with the theory of a nonphysical and conceptual world. He explains that in quantum physics, objects are not seen as definite things. Instead, objects are possibilities, viewed as something called “possibility waves”. Of course his interpretation due to his research in quantum physics has lead him to formulate idealistic monism, that only consciousness exists in the universe and everything is part of it, he argues against dualism and materialism.

    Others however have disagreed and put forward physical and materialistic theories to try and explain PSI.

    Michael Persinger claims that much of paranormal phenomena can be explained by low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic waves.

    Brian Josephson has claimed that the explanation of PSI may be found in quantum physics. Gerald Feinberg's concept of a tachyon, a theoretical particle that travels faster than the speed of light has been advocated by some parapsychologists who claim that it could explain some PSI phenomena.

    Charles Tart however believes PSI is completey non-physical and does not operate to material laws.

    There are many theories which try and explain PSI. Which one do you advocate and why? If any?
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    There is currently no shred of evidence that these phenomena that you list actually exist. Note that famous skeptic Randi has proposed $1000000 to anybody who can actually show paranormal activity. So far, nobody has been able to prove that these things exist.

    Near-death experiences are real, but they can easily be explained by a malfunction in the brain. Check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Near-death_studies

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